Countryside Blog - The Start Of Something New

Countryside Blog - The Start Of Something New

Hello there. Thank you for taking the time to come and check out my brand new blog. This year (and beyond) I plan on learning and teaching all the truths about the countryside and how we can help it thrive. From the birds to the bees to the deer to the hedgehogs and even further such as farming life and beyond.

After the past covid years, more people than ever are spending time in our wonderful countryside yet we don't really know too much about it. We know it is full of nature, colour, sounds and life but just how we can help to maintain it and make it work for all to enjoy is something that isn't really reported on as much in a truthful manner. So this is where I plan on learning - by asking experts, reading information and discovering brand new things that I can pass on to you so together we can all make a difference.

My countryside blog goals are to:

  • Help people understand how the countryside works, from the nature & wildlife to farming and agriculture.
  • Encourage people to enjoy the countryside and learn something they didn't know before.
  • Help educate people in what creatures are in danger of extinction and what we can do to help prevent it.
  • Show how the farming community actually help with upkeep of the countryside and how important they are and we can help out our local farmers.
  • Show everyone how small changes we make can make a huge difference for the future.
  • Provide the information to be able to connect with nature like you never have done before.
  • Learn about the hunting/shooting seasons to gain clarity in what it is actually about.
  • Learn and teach about the preservation of trees and wildlife.

Some things will be very controversial, but most things countryside are, because we just don't know as much as we thought we did! So let's work together so we, and all our generations to come, can enjoy a blissful and noisy place full of life more than it ever has before.

While teaching my findings on the countryside...

I will also be offering help in the form of transforming your homes into the country style you have always dreamed of. With simple tricks, decor and ideas - all will be affordable, fun and not a total gutting of your rooms. With gift ideas for those who love the country way of life or little treats for yourself - I am sure I can help cover all basis's with my unique gift & homeware.

On some of the posts, I will also introduce a product (that I stock) to help encourage wildlife into your gardens - what is not to love about looking out of the kitchen window to see a little bird perched on top of the fence? Or the song of the dawn chorus throughout Spring & Summertime.

You can visit my shop now by clicking here.

My business goals are to:

  • Help you with gifts for your country loving loved ones.
  • Offer inexpensive unique gifts & homeware that you will love.
  • Help you create the home you have always wanted - without gutting every room!
  • Give you the options of various items to help you to encourage wildlife into your garden.

I will post again very soon talking about the little things we can do to make a small difference when we go for our wander around our beautiful countryside. The next series of posts will introduce "The Countryside Code" and basic countryside manners.

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