Hi, I'm Abby...

...the proud owner of Sabel Lane. Established in 2015 after a battle with my mental health in full time employment. I needed some down time to concentrate on my recovery so I was encouraged to turn to my hobbies.

Starting off as a greeting card maker, turning my hand to decoupage (where I grew the business beyond limits in 2020) and learning to paper cut and create feather artwork, I gained confidence and direction.

Sabel Lane is a small business that prides itself on homely decor inspired by my love of all things agriculture and countryside. I love shopping with British brands and businesses - with this in mind - I brought this value into the business. 

A Little About Me.

Monty The Dog Looking At Me On A Walk In The Winter Sunshine In The Countryside

I’m based in the Worcestershire countryside where I live with my family, dog Monty, cat Taz, my 5 pekin bantam hens (Hope, Winnie, Maisey, Margot & Pecker in case you wanted to know!)

I love living in a full and busy home, filled with country styled décor that reflects the love of where I live. Creating a business from this passion was easy, once I got there and when it picked up in 2020, it quickly became clear which direction I would take it in.

The love and inspiration for all things countryside came first from my holidays as a child to a farm park. We spent weeks there at a time through every school holiday. My sister and I got involved with all the animal tasks and I've been lucky enough to see calves, piglets and pony's born. Secondly, I have the infamous Wyre Forest on my doorstep. With such a dense forest filled with wildlife it is hard not to fall in love. 

I walk the lanes that lead into the forest daily and have seen many wonderful critters from muntjac, fallow deer, various owl breeds, foxes (keep away from my chickens!) and many, many more.

With a passion for country fashion brands, love of all things British and the countryside, it has helped to shape the Sabel Lane brand and helped me to feel more like me again. My mental health is the best it has ever been and despite obviously not always being 100% I feel human and in a very good and happy place.

The business and the people that surround it have helped me through the worst times and I will be forever grateful for this amazing adventure I am on. I hope you get to join the ride with me. 

So as you can see this brings it back round to homeliness. I think it's important to have a home where you fill it with everything you love, after all we can't all be 100% happy all of the time, but by having a space filled with British countryside homeware - you can be pretty damn close!

Any questions or comments?

If you have any questions about the business or the brands I stock, please drop me an email at: abby@sabellane.co.uk or via the contact form on the contact page.

Thank you :)