Countryside Dog Manners

Basic Countryside Dog Manners.


In this post, I will explain the simple steps and tricks we can all take to make ours, and others, walks with our four legged friends, enjoyable with some basic countryside dog manners.

With more people than ever going for walks in the countryside I think it is important that we all learn to enjoy it to its full potential.

With Our Four Legged Friends.

A hot topic, now more of us than ever have dogs in our lives it means that there can be more obstacles. For example we may not have the time, money or opportunity to get our dogs to a training class. So here's a few helpful tips so you can enjoy your walk along with your loveable pooch.

Taking our dogs should be stress-free, enjoyable and productive (depending if your dog finds the correct spot, the temperature is correct and the wind is blowing gently from the south-east to have a poo!!) so enjoy these little life hacks.

Dog Manners.


You're in a hurry, you leave the house without a poo bag. You don't realise until the dog is sat awkwardly staring into your eyes squatting and in the moment. Panic strikes! But don't worry, the most simple and thoughtful thing you can do is to simply... flick it out of harms way. Yes, a cheeky flick with a hearty stick is all it takes. This way the poop is less likely to get trodden in and will make less of a mess.

Did you know: most poop decomposes, so doing the flick with a stick trick is not going to cause harm to the environment.

Please note though: this is not to be a regular thing always try and remember to carry a bag so you can scoop that poop.

Poop Scooping.

ALWAYS make sure you carry a bag with you. It is important to poop scoop where we can as it prevents germs spreading from dog to dog and keeps our countryside looking nice. But what do we do with the full bag once we have collected our pets parcel? Always pop it into a poo bin, these are emptied on a regular basis and are the best way of disposing. If there are no bins around then carry that poo with pride and pop it into your own bin at home.

You may see some bags hung from trees but this is not good practice. It could have a big impact on all the insects, birds and animals and how heartbreaking would that be? So carry it around and feel smug that your dog has done its business when others are desperately walking to get their dog to follow the trend.

If you are someone who is trying to reduce plastic, you can still poop scoop. Thanks to higher demand for environmentally friendly everyday items - you can now buy biodegradable or even paper poop bags. You will find these in your local pet shop or online with a simple Google.


We all love letting dogs off the lead and watching them run free and enjoy the space but dogs are a lot like humans. It has been scientifically proven that dogs can take a random disliking to other dogs.

Tips & Hacks.

This is where - ideally - your dog should go to some sort of class before letting them free and off the lead. If this is not possible then here are a some great tricks to help you get started.

  • The way to a dogs heart is through its tummy so ALWAYS make sure you have some treats with you. For most doggy hacks these bad boys come in good use. Make sure the treats are something your dog LOVES. Take cheese for example - lots of little bits. You don't want your dog to roll instead run!
  • Practice recalling your dog at short distances, firstly inside your home or back garden (if you have one). For best results: call your dogs name followed by "here" (example - "Monty, here!") but be fun! If your dog comes to your straight away, reward with a bite sized treat. Keep at this. You may need the patience of a saint!
  • Take a bigger step with more distractions, the best place is a closed in field. Do the same again, if the dog comes to you on first call, reward with a small treat. (Quick Note: make sure you have permission to use the field or make sure it is public right of way.)
  • Once you're feeling confident and your pooch is excited about the treats. Do the ultimate test... call your dog back and instead of treating with a little nibble, treat with a play of its favourite toy or a MASSIVE fuss and cuddle.

I am obviously not a dog trainer and I do HIGHLY recommend going to dog training lessons. Your dog should be about 12 months old for training to really work well.


Make sure you always call your dog back to you when you see anyone or anything coming in the opposite direction - or from behind. Seeing your dog lolloping about is lovely but to some it is the most frightening thing in world. You trust your dog, there is no one that knows it better but other people may have had bad experiences and do not trust any dogs. So to call your pooch back in a controlled manner keeps other people enjoying their walk and you enjoying yours. Practicing this also helps YOUR dog if they are feeling a little nervous too. We don't always know how our dogs are feeling.


With the amazing amount of NEW rescue dogs being adopted, we want them to feel safe and happy and there is no one in the world they trust more than YOU. With that in mind following these tips will encourage good behaviour and a stronger bond between you and your fur baby.

These days there are A LOT of dogs around so lets help those poor dogs by practicing basic doggy countryside manners.

Have fun and enjoy your walkies BUT remember to be vigilant and practice good basic countryside dog manners.

I would love to hear any additional tips and ideas you may have.

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